Grammarly API for Developers

Looking for an API to check grammar, spelling, and word choice?

Dodging the Question

“Sorry, no API. But, thanks for letting us know of your interest!”

A review of Grammarly’s Tweets will reveal this canned response whenever someone asks for access to their API. But why does Grammarly not offer an API? This article answers this question and lets you know what you can do about it.


Grammarly has been around for more than a decade and is a superb example of how to dominate an industry. They’ve amassed a talented team of backend and front-end developers to create a beautiful product, and have then put ungodly amounts of marketing dollars behind promoting their service. And, users have taken to it nicely. But how can we developers get access to this grammar checking goodness?

The Problem

Sadly, you can’t have access to the Grammarly API and the reason is that this would be bad business for Grammarly. I don’t mean this in a snarky or conspiracy theorist kinda way; Grammarly has a right to maximize earnings and growth, so there’s no reason to be down on them for this decision. Giving access to their core engine allows other companies to build nice interfaces and integrations and compete with them on their own turf. Competition is generally good for consumers, but not for businesses. Again, not a dig, just the reality of economics.

The Solution

At Grammar Bot, we are developing a world-class grammar checking API designed to meet the needs of developers searching for a way to integrate quality grammar checking into their projects at low-cost. Please check us out and let us know what you think.