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Don't trust your service, your product, or your brand to a mediocre proofreading API. The reality is that most grammar checkers only work well for carefully chosen "demo" examples. Dig deeper and you'll see that our service is A-1, Grade A, S.O.T.A. using the latest ingredients from Deep Neural Networks + Large Language Models.

Intro to Grammar Checking

Large Language Models for greater accuracy

Grammar correction services revolve around two important concepts -- a language model and grammar rules. Both of these are foundational pieces to a grammar checker. The language model is a statistical model that can be used to determine how closely a piece of text matches real language. It has many uses, but one simple example follows. Consider the sentence, "He went too the store." Even a basic language model could predict that the following corrected sentence is more likely to be the authors intent: "He went to the store." An accurate language model embodies the syntactical and grammatical patterns of the language that it models.

Rules need little introduction. While statistical inference based on large amounts of data may be useful for discerning some patterns, at other times clearly-defined sets of rules more accurately identify grammar errors. For example, consider the sentence, "They goes to the store." A rule that checks that a plural verb follows a plural noun group can easily identify this as an error and offer the correction, "They go to the store."

Combined, these two weapons, allow us to take on the formidable task of grammar checking. Thanks for joining us on this journey. We welcome your feedback on our grammar API.

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We’ve assembled a word-class team of experts in AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing with the mission of making accurate grammar checking accessible. We believe the current options are either too expensive, lacking in accuracy, or both. This is unacceptable and you now have another option – accurate and inexpensive!

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